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New Food Booth
new food booth is our GL-FS400W model.Its size is L400xW200xH230cm,aboutL13.1’xW6.6’xH7.5’.It is a square shape cart,and suitable for 3-4 persons working inside.
BBQ Food Booth
BBQ food booth is our GL-FR250WD model.It is the brother of GL-FR220D food cart.Its body size is L250xW200xH230cm,about L8.2’xW6.6’xH7.5’.It is suitable for 2-3 persons working inside.
Fast Food Booth
Fast food booth is our GL-500WB model.Its body size is L500xW200xH230cm size,about L16.4’xW6.6’xH7.5’.It is a large food cart,which is suitable for 4-5 persons working inside.
Indian Food Booth
indian food booth is our GL-FR350WC model.Its size is L350xW200xH230cm,about L11.5’xW6.6’xH7.5’ .It is with canvas top,which is nice design,and suitable for 3-4 persons working inside.
Catering Food Booth
catering food booth is our GL-FS400R model.Its size is L400xW200xH230cm,about L13.1’xW6.6’xH7.5’.We are able to add different decorations on it,like advertisement light,etc.It is suitable for 3-4 persons working inside.
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