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Universal Deep Hole Cross Hole Electrochemical Deburring Machine
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Product: Views:112Universal Deep Hole Cross Hole Electrochemical Deburring Machine 
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First, the principle of electrochemical deburring

ECM Electrochemical electrochemical machining (ECM) is a method of deburring a part by removing excess material from the workpiece by anodic dissolution of the metal in the electrolyte.

Determinants of Electrochemical Deburring

First, determine the amount of deburring removal of the main parameters:

N deburring current: According to the deburring of the deburring of the workpiece range.

N Deburring time: according to the size of the deburring parts burr.

N workpiece material conductivity: According to the material of the deburring workpiece.

Second, determine the quality of deburring parameters:

1, the current density: current density determines the cutting volume and surface quality.

2, conductivity: the concentration of electrochemical solution determines the conductivity, unit [mS]. According to the deburring requirements, the concentration of electrochemical solution should be controlled at 8% -25% (according to the actual workpiece). Of course, the temperature also has an effect on the conductivity.

3, gap: fixture (cathode) and the gap between the workpiece (anode) determines the size of the current and the cooling capacity of the electrolyte.

4, electrochemical hydraulic pressure: gap in the electrochemical liquid pressure affects the current and material removal, it also determines the electrolyte flow and flow rate.

5, the electrochemical liquid temperature: temperature affects the conductivity of the electrolyte, according to deburring requirements, the temperature should be controlled at 20 ℃ to 35 ℃. (Depending on the product)

6. PH value of electrochemical solution: PH value of the electrochemical solution should be controlled between 6.5 and 8.5 (depending on the product). The PH value of the electrochemical solution determines the concentration and quality of the electrolyte.

7, the purity of electrochemical liquid: pure electrochemical liquid to ensure constant production, and to prevent the workpiece and / or fixture is blocked.

Electrochemical solution in the role of work

N for the electrochemical deburring circuit to provide conduction.

Cooling fixture.

N Scrap to remove burrs.

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